Kombucha Brewing

Kombucha Brewing

I first stumbled across kombucha,  that…
January 22, 2023/by Sue Reed

Fermented Vegetable Stock Pot

Fermented Vegetable Stock Pot.

As I sit down to write about…
January 14, 2023/by Sue Reed

Seasonal Eating with Warming Winter Soup

I have been thinking over the past week and chatting with followers…
January 10, 2023/by Sue Reed

Christmas Needn’t Cost the Earth. Part Three. Christmas Brunch.

Last week, in Part Two of Christmas Needn’t Cost the Earth,…
December 19, 2022/by Sue Reed

Christmas Needn’t Cost the Earth. Part 2. Natural Decorations

Natural Decorations

Christmas decorations that are sustainable,…
December 15, 2022/by Sue Reed

Christmas Needn’t Cost The Earth: Eco-friendly Makes for Yule.

Christmas Needn’t Cost the Earth.

Christmas really does…
December 1, 2022/by Sue Reed

Make Your Own Fermented Hot Chilli Sauce

Are you a fan of hot chilli sauce? Do you grow chillies?…
October 17, 2022/by Sue Reed

Autumn’s Bounty: Apples.

Apples are in abundance this autumn. As I write, it is October…
October 8, 2022/by Sue Reed

Autumn Equinox Gathering. A Foraged Wreath

There’s a nip in the air as the autumn equinox opens the…
September 20, 2022/by Sue Reed

Plums: Picking, Cooking & Preserving Late Summer’s Bounty


Plums always remind me of a good friend who, when wincing…
August 30, 2022/by Sue Reed

Raspberry Vinegar. Season: July and August.

Have you ever made your own raspberry vinegar? What a wonderful…
July 14, 2022/by Sue Reed

The Great Courgette Glut. Season: July and August

Next year, when I'm sowing courgette seeds, will someone please…
August 15, 2021/by Sue Reed