Welcome to The Bridge Cottage Way

From Bridge Cottage, we share a gentler way of life and our love of sustainable living through organic gardening, seasonal eating, and foraging. We do not profess to be experts, nor do we do everything as sustainably as we could or should, but we try to live simply, within our means, in tune with the seasons and reducing the drain on our planet’s precious resources.

Through the posts here on the Bridge Cottage Way website and our social media channels, we will take your hand and guide you through the year, showing you what to plant and when, how to grow nutritious, fresh food for yourselves and your family, how to forage food for free and share some of our tried and tested recipes that have been enjoyed by the family.

We will take you into Bridge Cottage kitchen and share recipes for making delicious meals, for pickling and preserving to help our crops last through the year.

We will be sharing our projects with you, as we build and make, craft and create, using reclaimed and recycled materials where possible.

We believe that we need to look locally, to support each other and our communities through growing food, living simply and sharing what we can.

We hope very much that you enjoy this website, and will follow us on social media.

Tim and Sue

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